Avita Rowing Machine – Premium Quality From Lifecore

Avita 950Rowing is one of the few exercises that use up all the muscles in the body thus leading to all-round development of the body. This is an intense all body exercise which toughens up the body to make it totally immune to impacts which would have otherwise taken its toll on the body. It enriches the body with power so that the body feels better and is more fitted to take up arduous tasks without feeling tired. It is very much lauded because there is no other machine which gives you a strength workout along with a cardio workout. One of the best rowing machines is the Avita rowing machine. This is because the feather weight frame of the same allows you to exercise without suffering any unforeseen injuries. It is an appropriate tool for beginners and professionals alike.

Avita has always been known for making top end products and they continue to please their loyal fan following, adding more consumers to their base. They are generally constructed in such a manner that they last you an entire lifetime. Avita uses only the metals and materials of the highest order and this is where their supremacy lies. Many companies today use plastic to make the rowers so that it’s cheap and easier for them but Avita remains true to it’s aim. They use only the best materials to the extent that even the footpads are made of high-grade aluminium.

One of the other good machines in the market is the r100 machine from the stable of Lifecore. It is a group level rower which provides great efficiency in the working department. It has enough resistance levels to meet the needs of a variety of users. It has got 15 resistance levels to be precise. The design and layout give a clear indication that it’s aimed at the Concept2 rowing machine. Even the functions are up gradations of the same. It clearly plans to take over the customer fan base which the Concept2 enjoys largely in the US and to a certain degree in UK.

The excellent quality of work done by Lifecore on the machine is evident from its features. It allows a maximum weight of 600 pounds to be aboard the machine. Having faith in their construction, the Lifecore makers have provided a warranty of 5 years on all parts of this machine which makes it all the more better for the buyer. The high-end machinery installed on the rower assures you that it would be very easy to track all vital body statistics by a mere glance to the crystal clear liquid display on the dashboard.

Nordic Track is a well-known name all over the world. It is the largest producer of fitness equipments throughout. They build machines with the objective of making them last for a very long period of time. With the advent of technology and the world becoming a local marketplace, Nordic has started selling their products online. No doubt, its fans all over the world love it. But the problem of buying it online is that one wouldn’t be able to check the product for himself. It’s always advisable to check the comfort level of the seating and other features before purchasing it. Everyone has their own preferences but it would be safe to say that the Nordic counts right at the top along with the Avita rowing machines.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Concept2 Model DWhen you think of rowing, your mind may unintentionally stray to some staid image of a prestigious, Ivy League team racing across a foggy pond, white sweaters tied daintily around their shoulders. With a mindset like this, it isn’t hard to associate rowing with a negative view of the rich, soft-palmed senator’s son, whittling away his days on a canoe, blissfully unaware of the world crumbling to the ground around him. Presentiments aside, one thing that can’t be said about rowing is that it is for weaklings of any kind. Rowing is in fact not only one of the most difficult exercises to perform, but it is also one of the most beneficial and calorie-burning types of exercise in the world.

This is precisely the reason that rowing machines were invented and why they continue to be considered the best fitness machines available. Few of us have access to a canoe and paddles, much less a giant lake in our backyard. Most exercisers would prefer the convenience of working out while still being on land, surprising concept though that is. A rowing machine adds that necessary touch of practicality while still maintaining the astounding results possible from proper use of a rowing machine. The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine, then, represents the pinnacle of what can be achieved with a rowing machine and regular training.

Rowing in and of itself is already lauded from on high because of stunning results it gives in such a short time. What makes the Concept2-Rowing Machine so special, then? Well, rowing hasn’t only been personified, but perfected, with the Model D Indoor Rowing Machine. A sliding seat is present on the Model D, which you’ll use to strengthen the muscles in your thigh and calves. Add this benefit to the already vast amount of muscles you’ll be using to row, including all of your back, your shoulders, and even your biceps, and you’ve got an all-encompassing workout machine that takes up less than half the space of typical machines that work less than half the muscle groups.

It is with great ease, then, that we see all the attributes and benefits that rowing machines have over nearly every other conceivable type of workout machine. As for setting itself apart, above, and beyond this already cherished pack, the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine adds just the right touches to make it the best indoor rowing machine available.

PM3 performance MonitorThe PM3 performance Monitor, a mainstay of the Concept2-Rowing Machine, is a masterpiece of a system, tracking your calories burned, keeping your pace, marking distance and displaying all these factors and more on graphs, charts, and countless other options, including large print. These features look all the more pale, however, when added to the already vast wealth of programs, trials, preset workouts, games, and even the ability to go online, where you can access more games, take online challenges, and even get lessons!

Put simply, the Concept2 Model D combines the technological innovations that make working out less of a hassle with the proven benefits of rowing as exercise. This creates the perfect storm, if you will, of fitness, form, and function. Just don’t get out there on your boat!


  • Available PM3 or PM4 Performance Monitor
  • Revolutionary flywheel design, minimizing noise while maximizing organic feel of water
  • Ergonomic handle for natural arm and hand motion
  • Spiral damper to keep control in the hands of the user
  • Adjustable monitor arm
  • Flexfoot footrests
  • Aluminum rail with a stainless steel track, to ensure smooth seat movement
  • Compact storage, allowing for a tool-free separation into two parts
  • Caster wheels for maximum mobility
  • Dimensions: 25 x 33 x 53

Helpful Tips to Maximize the Use of Rowing Machines

air rowerTrying a rowing machine exercise improves power and stamina and gives you well-toned muscles. There are various kinds of home exercise equipment that can offer you the type of workout that is suitable for your wants and needs. Of course, you should maximize the time that you will spend in the gym or in your physical workouts. So, you should be sure that the machine you are using will do well in promoting a holistic approach to exercise.

A Complete Body Exercise

Exercises using rowing machines will cover different parts of your body like the shoulders, chest, back, arms, legs, and abs simultaneously. Depending on the type of machine that you will buy, this exercise machine is by far among the very best options that you can do at home.

Choosing the Right Type for You

For beginners, a piston kind would do perfectly well particularly if you are not willing to spend big for a fitness apparatus. But, if you want to have durable equipment that would last for longer years, you should choose an air or water resistance machine. These, in most cases, offer more.

If you are not the only that will use the machine, you should invest on a good type and brand. Air and water machines may produce noise that you or everybody else around you will not be comfortable with. If this is the case, you should pick the magnetic type because it is quiet.

Regardless of what type you pick, longevity of the machine will depend on how you handle and maintain it.

Some Things to Consider

If there should be specific concerns that you would want to address with exercises using rowing machines, you can consult your doctor about the level of intensity that you can take. It is best if you can invest on newer models that have monitors to track your speed, distance, and heart rate. Also, you may present a report to your physician so he or she can assess if you are doing good or not. If you want to lose weight and would need a record of your progress, no need to worry. This machine can do that for you.

If you do not know how to effectively operate this machine or you still want to maximize its use, you may call the manufacturer for additional information. You may likewise check brochures for tips on how to maximize your workout using this equipment.

Aside from checking the condition of your machine, you should also be performing the right technique to get maximum benefits. Here are some additional tips:

  • When doing the catch, make sure that your knees are bent together; lean forward from your hips, and your arms should be straight. Make sure that your grip is tight.
  • The drive should always start with legs to sustain power. Always make sure that your back is straight. Lengthen your legs while pulling the handle towards your chest. Putting your elbows on the sides will definitely encourage a more powerful stroke.
  • Focus and timing is very important. A recommended technique is to do 25 strokes in a minute.

Water Rower – ProRower H20

ProRower H20Considering what type of rower to buy for your home gym can be a long drawn out process requiring a lot of research. There are many different types to choose from and a wide price range to consider. If you are looking for a water rower, you may look into the ProRower H20 RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine. This particular water rower is manufactured by H20 Fitness; an American company that specializes in making commercial-grade water rowers for home gyms. H20 Fitness also prides themselves on being environmentally friendly which is always a plus.

This easy to store water rower, offers a weight capacity of 350 pounds; much higher than most other rowers which cap off at a weight capacity of 250pounds.


We researched almost 3 dozen rowing machine reviews on this water rower. While the majority of the reviews were positive, we did find one very low rating from a reviewer who did not actually use the water rower, according to their own account.

Although mainly positive, some of the statements from users of this water rower did show concern and most of them were about the monitor. Many people noted that the monitor is of inferior quality. While it does monitor strokes accurately, most users have found that it is inaccurate on all of the other features the monitor offers. It also seems to be bulky and sometimes in the way.

Other reviewers also conveyed that the recoil cord (also called bungee cord by some) wears quickly and breaks after only a short time. Anyone who experienced this also mentioned the wonderful customer service provided by H20 Fitness in handling the broken part. One customer even recommends ordering an extra recoil cord upon the initial order of the water rower.

While there are obviously some concerns, the majority of users who voiced these concerns also rated the machine with 5 stars, which is the highest possible rating.  These same reviewers also noted how sturdy and comfortable the water rower is. Most users were pleased with the workout they received and the actual “water rowing” feel this water rower provides.

This machine comes mostly assembled, requiring minimal assembly which normally takes only about 10 to 45 minutes. Lots of reviewers mentioned how easy H20 Fitness made it to fill the machine with water and explained that the water rower comes with a great kit for filling and siphoning. While many others mentioned how easy it is to move this water rower and store it away only requiring a small space.


Being that most reviewers thought this water rower to be of excellent quality, with the exception of the monitor, we recommend the ProRower H20 RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine to anyone who is looking to add a rower to their home gym or anyone looking to get a great cardio workout that is easy on the joints. We also recommend purchasing this rower from BestFitnessAdvisor.com as you will not only get a great price, but also free shipping.

Stamina Rowing Machine – Body Trac Glider

Body Trac GliderWhile searching for an indoor rower, one has many choices. They range from the more expensive, professional grade rowers to the more basic, light weight cardio rowing machines. We will be reviewing the Stamina Rowing Machine Body Trac Glider 1050. The Stamina rowing machine was developed by Stamina Products Inc., which was founded in 1987 and is known for its effective and well-built fitness products, as well as its associations with well-known fitness gurus. While the company offers a variety of Stamina rowing machines, the Stamina Body Glider 1050 Rowing Machine is built as a compact version of some of their other bigger, bulkier and most effective models so you can have the same great results at home in a smaller machine.


During our research on this particular Stamina rowing machine, we found numerous reviews with the majority of them being good. However, following are some of the negatives mentioned.

Several reviewers mentioned that after extensive use, the resistance cylinder starts leaking oil every time the machine is used. Therefore, raising concerns as to the durability of its resistance system. However, we found no reviews stating that the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine will wear out fairly quickly. Not even from those reviewers who have owned and used the Stamina rowing machine for over a year. Many reviewers also noted that after about 30 minutes, the range of motion of the strokes decrease, but because of the type of workout the machine provides, it is usually only used for about that long. One main concern that users of this Stamina rowing machine mentioned is the poorly designed foot holders. Many users found it difficult to keep their feet in the stirrups and in place, although most users with this problem found ways around it or to fix it. While many reviewers said that the machine can be a bit squeaky many stated that it is a very quiet machine.

Most reviewers, well over 250 in fact, say that the Stamina rowing machine is a great product for the price. Many noted that it provides a great cardio and all-over work out. It is easy to use, lightweight, portable compact and easy to store in small spaces. It is great for small houses or apartments. Compared to other rowers that many reviewers had owned in the past, in the same price range, this product exceeds performance and durability expectations. The shock system on this Stamina rowing machine provides 12 different resistance levels, which makes it a very versatile machine suitable to many different fitness levels and goals. Although it is rated to hold up to 250 pounds, at least one user noted that it can actually hold almost 50 pounds more. Of course, we recommend going by the manufacturer’s guidelines when considering this Stamina rowing machine. The Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine comes partially assembled. Within 10-30 minutes you can have your Stamina Rowing machine fully assembled simple by following the easy to read instructions provided. The rower comes with and installed monitor which conveniently keeps track of time, number of rows and estimates calories burned. One satisfied user mentioned that the track on this rower was longer than most which makes it a comfortable fit for any size person, whether short or tall.


Although there were several negative comments, because of the overwhelming positive reviews and the overall 4 out of 5 star ratings received, we feel confident recommending this rower. For the price, durability of the frame, compact size and performance, this Stamina rowing machine is a great choice.